• This sensational balm heals, relieves, protects, and soothes with 18 organic, therapeutic pure essential oils from Young Living, as well as other botanicals, butters, herbs, and a variety of oils.

    With the

  • We offer a wide variety of high quality, natural and organic indica and sativa tinctures that aid in relieving symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, back and joint pain, nausea, insom

  • Therapeutic grade Organic Essential Oils from Young Living; Aroma Siez, Black Pepper, Camphor, Clove, Copaiba, Dorado Azul, Eucalyptus, Globulus, Frankincense, Ginger, Helichrys

  • If you are looking for a simple way to get a consistent daily dose of full spectrum CBD, then look no further! This product was designed with health-conscious consumers in mind providing a balanced source of full spe

  • Dutch Formulas CBD Isolate


    Dutch Formulas CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD – one of the most concentrated products available. If you need the maximum amount of CBD in a consumer product, this is it!  Each batch is quality tested to insure you are getting 99%+ pure CBD an

  • Are you looking for a high quality full spectrum CBD pills for your furry family member? If so, you will be glad to know that Dutch Formulas pills are exactly what you need. In order to provide optimal absorption, these pills get dissolved in

  • If you are looking for a simple way to get a consistent daily dose of CBD, then look no further! Dutch Formulas offers the purest most concentrated CBD oil pills on the market today. These capsules have absolutely no taste and dissolve in you

  • Dutch Formulas Healing Pain Relief Drops are perfect for those looking for a tasty way experience the full spectrum benefits of whole hemp oil. Using Kosher grade vegetable glycerin infused with whole hemp oil, Dutch Formulas has created a sweet tasti

  • Travel

    *NEW* This kit is designed to help you sleep better, keep your immune system strong, and the balm can help with travel related muscle aches and soreness. This kit contains 30 ml Night - Dutch Farms Organics Tincture 1/4 oz Wooden
  • *NEW* This kit contains some of our best anxiety and stress relief related products in one discounted bundle. Use both full spectrum CBD capsules and AC/DC tincture together for maximum benefits. This kit contains 30 ml AC/DC - Dutc
  • Recovery

    *NEW* This kit is for maximizing recovery from exercise, sickness, surgery, and more. It's a powerful immune strengthening formula with both 300mg whole spectrum CBD, and 900 mg THC free capsules. This kit contains 30 ml Royal Medic
  • *NEW* This kit includes some of our most popular pain relieving items at a steep discount! You can also choose any of the various tinctures. This kit contains 30 ml Tincture - Dutch Farms Organics Tincture 1 oz Wooden Shoes Creat
  • Uplift

    *NEW* This uplifting kit is great for mood and motivation. You can mix the desired amount of CBD isolate into your drink.  The tincture can be used in drinks or taken directly, and dosage can be adjusted depending on your needs. This kit conta