I have been using a dropperful of ValentineX in the AM & Harlequin in the evening along with my son’s other meds to help him.His anxiety was so high that there were days he didn’t sleep at all. During the day he would be a bit shaky, restless and have clammy hands & feet. The tinctures have definitely helped to keep him calmer during the day and not restless to the point he was pacing around and going up & down the stairs constantly. I have to mix meds at night to help him sleep through without him waking up. Along with Neurontin, i use 1-2 pills of Clonidine depending how and his energy levels are at bedtime and Melatonin. He’s already on 5 prescriptions and just don’t want him to be sleepy during school hours which all of those combined has side effects of drowsiness & jitters. His Dr’s are aware I am using CBD tinctures. I even observed for myself to see how he was without the CBD and he is just restless and soo anxious where it’s just constant pacing. With the CBD he’s ok, like his ‘normal self’, calm and responsive and just his sweet self. I am still adjusting dosages of the tinctures, depending how his behavior is and such, but for now 1ml does the trick and lasts about 6-7hrs. Thank you

Mom T.