Do our products have THC in them?

Most of our products range from 0.00-0.3% THC content depending upon the strain of herb used in each of the various products in our line. This level is below the federal regulation of .3% THC. By staying below this level, our products are below the federal hemp levels.

Are products better with THC and CBD in them?

All studies to date have indicated that having a full spectrum of healing molecules from a medicinal plant will outperform any single plant derivative by an average factor of 100. Therefore, our methods of withdrawing the full spectrum of healing compounds, known as cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids, from our meticulously grown flowers, are done with low heat, over extended periods of time, with as much loving & healing intent put into the process as possible.

This low, slow and mindful methodology has been shown to provide us with the broadest spectrum of healing phytonutrients possible, ensuring that we deliver quality products every time. It would be best if everyone followed the science of medicine over the hype of the industry by requesting full spectrum products over CBD isolate products, as the benefits can be far greater.

Just be sure that the CBD levels are high, and the THC levels are low if you do not wish to risk being in an overly euphoric or happy state. If it is a serious concern for you, it is best to error on the safe side since having too much THC, especially for the inexperienced user, can lead to paranoia, anxiety and other undesired feelings of discomfort. However, with appropriate medicinal (not recreational) dosing, this is extremely rare.

What exactly is CBD and what does it do?

This term is a scientific abbreviation for CannaBiDiol. Cannabidiol is one of over a hundred unique molecules known as cannabinoids. CBD is an umbrella term for the many different conformers of the CBD molecule. This simply means they look similar, and behave similar, but each are unique and act in unique ways that work far better together than individually. This is part of the reason why full spectrum extraction of all compounds in hemp and cannabis are so beneficial.

This molecule has gained popularity in recent years because it exerts its therapeutic potential without the psychological activity associated with THC. This mind liberating euphoria is seen as dangerous to our policy influencers and thus is the primary argument for cannabis being illegal. Therefore, we have seen the industry shift its focus to making medicinal products that are free of THC so that it can be sold in all states without legal ramifications.

This has led some manufacturers to overlook the science that indicates that all molecules from hemp and cannabis work 100 times better together than individually, and they have begun producing CBD isolate preparations that are far less effective. This is unfortunate because it leads people to believe that the medicinal properties of hemp and cannabis are not as robust as they rightfully are. Thus, we always recommend using products that contain full spectrum extractions of the hemp or cannabis material that it was derived from.

The effects of CBD, as with most cannabinoids, are too obtuse to list them out here, but government and pharmaceutical patents are a wonderful place to see an extensive list. Suffice it to say that they work toward helping the body restore its balance regardless of what ailment is plaguing the body. The primary modality of healing is via inflammation and pain reduction, and an increase in blood flow throughout the body. This may work to help balance our bodies from most ailments that we commonly suffer from.

Another neat property is that CBD helps to dampen the psychological effects of THC and help to level out the effects of the “high” associated with smoking. Since breeders have become obsessed with pushing the THC limits so high in recent years, the plant is beginning to show signs of imbalanced medicinal properties. Patients have begun reporting feelings of overwhelming anxiety when they smoke or ingest these high THC (25-30%) strains and their derived products, and it is interfering with their ability to properly dose themselves like they are accustomed to. This is a direct result of our mainstream not understanding the science well enough to know that Nature is all about balance, and when we push to the extreme ends of the spectrum, undesired effects are bound to result.

This acute anxiety that is reported with too much THC is possibly a built-in mechanism of Nature to prevent people from abusing its therapeutic potential? This is pure speculation, but it certainly prevents people from being reckless and irresponsible with their use of this ancient medicinal plant, so it is entirely possible since Nature tends to be far smarter than we humans.

What about THC?

THC, or TetraHydroCannabinol, is also an umbrella term for dozens of similar molecular conformations that exert a wide array of effects within the body. The most known effect is the euphoric “high” that occurs when the dose is large enough. Generally, it takes at least 2-4mg of THC to exhibit this effect. This is quite a small amount and the experience can become too strong for some when above 10-15mg, so care must be taken when using high THC products since the therapeutic window is so narrow.

THC has many other effects that are also too extensive to list but include inhibiting cancer growth, nausea reduction, appetite stimulation, pain reduction, anti-inflammation and much more. When taken in the right form and dose with full spectrum content, one can gain the desired therapeutic effects without the associated mental enlightenment. For many experienced users though, the enhanced cerebral thought patterns are a desirous effect, and they just know when and where it is appropriate to use it in their daily routines.

Sublingual administration is among one of the best routes, with smoking being the fastest acting but least effective form of administration. This is mainly due to the carcinogenic molecules created from burning the plant material. The cannabinoids must negate the negative effects of those carcinogens before moving on to help heal the body elsewhere, so it simply reduces the impact the medicine can have.

Dr. William Courtney of Humboldt County has a lot of ground breaking research indicating that eating or juicing raw leaves of the plant is one of the best ways to get the medicinal benefits from using hemp and cannabis. This route also ensures that there is no psychoactive response since THCA can be taken in doses of 1000 mg or more without negative effects. The future will continue to reveal ever more about this fascinating plant and its many benefits, so keep an eye out for more landmark revelations.

How do cannabinoids interact with the body?

The cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids and other “oids” we don’t even have names for or know of yet that are found in hemp and cannabis interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is the master regulatory system that is integrated into all the major systems within the body to keep our biochemical processes flowing smoothly. This is why it is often referred to as the “balancing system of the body” since it is trying to bring our internal environment back to a balanced state. This balancing process is known as homeostasis.

We have currently identified and named two types of cannabinoid receptors, called CB1 & CB2. They are the most abundant protein receptors in the body and can be found from head to toe. Most CB1 receptors are found in the brain, with much less in the peripheral organs throughout the body. This is the opposite for CB2 receptors that have the least amount in the brain and are on most every cell in the body, including cells related to immune function.

It is well documented, though poorly understood by the general public, that the endocannabinoid system is stimulated by many things. Including our body’s own endocannabinoids, the molecules found within hemp and cannabis, and even terpenes and cannabimimetic compounds found in liverworts, various herbs and even fungi. Endocannabinoids are the molecules that we make naturally on demand within our body, and they are derived from omega fats.

As with all things in nature, it is about finding the balance, and we need as close to a 1:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats as possible. The problem is that our standard American diet contains almost exclusively omega-6 fats, which has caused our average ratio in America to be 30-40 parts omega-6 to 1-part omega-3.

This causes systemic inflammation since the omega-6 byproducts cause inflammation in the body, whereas the omega-3’s cause anti-inflammation. This is why we need both to maintain a balance. Our products will help to restore this balance, but the effects will be even greater when combined with a reduction of processed foods high in corn and soy oils that only have omega-6 fats and an increase in healthy fats rich in omega-3’s like walnuts, chia, flax and hemp seed.

Furthermore, most plant-based food will have terpene and flavonoid compounds that will also interact with the ECS to some extent to help the body find a balance. Not only that, but these plant-based foods will also supply the fiber needed to feed the beneficial bacteria in our gut microbiome, along with vital micronutrients we need for optimal health. Even meditation, yoga and intense workouts stimulate the ECS and microbiome, so the more healthy lifestyle factors that you can combine with our products, the better the results you may see. Do we test our products for contaminants and potency? Yes, we make sure that our batches are safe for consumption and that they have the full spectrum profile of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids that we have found to deliver the best results for our customers. We also screen for molds or other contaminants that could possible harm our customers.

Will our products get you high or show up positive on a drug test?

The THC concentration in our products are so low, we have yet to see a case where our products have caused someone to test positive for THC consumption. Some customers have reported an increase in general feelings of well-being and happiness after using our products over time. However, none have reported the effects to be that of the acute psychological euphoria that is associated with consuming THC by inhalation. It may be possible to generate such an effect if far too much of our product is taken at once, hence why we suggest micro- dosing multiple times a day since it has been shown to be far more effective than single mega- doses.

What dosing regimen will produce the greatest therapeutic benefit?

To date, studies have shown that it is better to start with small, micro-doses, when introducing a medicinal supplement of any kind. This is especially true when stimulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) since the body first utilizes the medicinal molecules to build up more receptors within the body so that subsequent doses have more receptors to bind to and deliver a stronger response. This method is often referred to as self-titration, or the start low and go-slow method.

We suggest taking your time in ramping up your dose and listening to your body as it responds to the medicine to gain a better understanding of how the ECS works. It is better to take 3-4 drops under the tongue 3-4 times a day, than to do 20+ drops (~1 mL syringe full) once a day.

Give the liquid time to absorb sublingually and into your bloodstream. For best results, you can build your mind-body connection by consciously telling your body what you wish for it to do with the medicine you are ingesting. Studies have shown that simple mindful/meditative practices like this can have a surprisingly profound impact, especially in those that have developed a strong mind-body connection.

Also, for the absolute best results, studies show that eating more unprocessed, plant-based whole foods, drinking more clean water, taking deep breaths to the gut and lungs, loving more, regularly exercising, getting consistent sleep and living more mindfully have profound effects that will greatly exacerbate and complement the well-being promoted by our products.

Are our products legal to acquire without a medical prescription?

Most of our products contain THC levels that are under the 0.3% maximum level to be considered hemp and not cannabis. Therefore, most of our products can be acquired and utilized by all those that are suffering from ailments of many kinds. However, the state and federal laws are quite vague and contradictory, and even those that are well versed in the industry still refer people to hemp and cannabis lawyers within their state for better clarification. As of now though, products that fall under the hemp category as defined by the “2014 Farm Bill” are legal to acquire by most everyone, everywhere.

Is there anything unique about how we manufacture our products that makes them better?

We do our best to keep quality as our top priority. We do small batches of only our best materials to ensure we start with great ingredients. With knowledge of scientific studies that demonstrate our intent influences the product properties and outcomes of our endeavors, we also strive to make every batch with good manufacturing practices and healing/loving intent to provide our customers with the greatest benefits possible.

As mentioned above, scientific studies have also clearly demonstrated a full spectrum product works 100 times better than individually isolated products. As such, our methodologies take much longer to produce this level of quality, and this is something that most companies that are focused on volume are not interested in.

If their practices showed they valued their customers over their profit margins, we feel their products and customers would benefit greatly, as with any product that focuses on quality over quantity. We diligently work to maintain our integrity and be an example to the industry so that one day more companies will recognize there are superior and inferior tactics when it comes to making products, especially those intended to help people heal themselves.

What can our products be used for?

According to government, pharmaceutical and private patents, cannabinoid containing products can be used for virtually any ailment that is rooted in inflammation, pain, poor blood flow, excessive neuron firing as seen in seizures and many other symptoms of an imbalanced endocannabinoid system (ECS). Since all ailments of the body have inflammation and an ECS imbalance at the root of the problem, this would imply it can be used to help aid the healing process for virtually any ailment.

Though hypocritical government patents like, USP 6,630,507 B1 exist, we are unable to make any efficacy claims for your protection. This is also despite over 40,000 scientific papers that have studied the ECS to understand its role as the master regulatory system for all chemical reactions that take place within the body of all vertebrate species, not just humans.

This makes it the most studied internal system to date, yet we clearly cannot draw conclusions from such a limited number of studies. Possibly because it works too well? We can’t be sure until enough people write or call their representatives to demand clinical trials be allowed so we can conclusively tell the public the truth and stop prohibiting people from growing their own medicine from the comfort of their home.

According to patents like this and customer testimonials, the possibilities for use are nearly limitless since most ailments and diseases are rooted in inflammation. Therefore, we encourage you to take your health into your own capable hands and safely experiment to discover what works best for you.

If you give any merit to the anecdotal and scientific testimonials that abound on the interweb, then cannabinoid enriched products can be used to help alleviate suffering from a wide range of ailments. Including seizures, depression, gut dysbiosis, autism, insomnia, thyroid dysfunction, mood imbalances, chronic pain/inflammation, allergies, poor circulation and even cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Please let us know what success you find in using our products, and especially report to us right away if you experience any adverse reactions so we can make things right with you! We have yet to have any negative reactions, but that kind of feedback is especially critical in helping us make better products for our customers! Thank you for your support! :^)


*None of these statements are to be taken as medical advice. They are speculative answers based on scientific papers and patents held by our government and industry leaders. These governing entities are the only ones permitted to make such claims of efficacy. We are merely acknowledging that the science in their documents is sound and accurate to the best of our current knowledge. We recommend you consult the literature, your own common sense or a qualified professional to discover the accuracy of the information herein.