What makes me really happy is that your tinctures are very user friendly for cats. I have been using it for our 22 year old cat that had jaw cancer. It helped him greatly and we got to enjoy this wonderful creature without him suffering for an additional year. We send him on his way about two weeks ago. I still have 17 cats, mostly rescued abuse cases or  ferals. Most are over 10 years old. I have one 15 year old that had gotten a broken hip and now suffers from bad arthritis in it, but is otherwise fine. I give him 1 drop on a spoonful of food in the morning and evening. There is a definite improvement. I turned your tinctures on to a friend of mine who has a pit bull with inoperable sinus cancer and an old cat with lymphoma and who has her own recommendation. I just wanted to share that Cannabis works wonders for our critter friends who suffer from cancers and arthritis too.

Thank you Dutch Farms