Thank you so much Judith. I’m learning which tinctures have the best effects and outcomes for my son. I am so grateful for them! His teacher commented this week that he’s becoming more engaged with his classmates and it just made me so happy and more encouraged to maybe try different techniques for his learning that we put a hold on since he had no interest prior. We are weaning him off one of his meds that hopefully as long as does not have another seizure, we will continue to remove more as we go along. What seems to work great for him is 1ml (Euphoria) in the morning and about 8hrs later by the time he’s at home from school I give him another dropperful. Last, just to keep the prescription for sleep at a minimum I mix .5ml to 1ml of the Harlequin with his meds so he can sleep well. Depending on how restless he is, melatonin has to be mixed also so that he sleeps without waking up in the middle of the night. I’m still going through trial & error for his sleep habits. Thanks again Judith, I always refer anyone who asks about where I get my CBD from to the DutchFarms website where they can read about the different ones and try for themselves. I hope everyone will realize the benefits of how much it can help and for those looking for alternatives.

Grateful Mom