I’ve been using your Cannatonic tincture for my son. He has Tuberous Sclerosis which causes seizures and small non-cancerous Tumors throughout the brain and all major organs. I’ve been able to take him OFF 200 mg of anti-seizure meds {Big Pharm},which has caused him bone density problems and more! He has been on Cannatonic since Sept. and he goes for an MRI soon. I’m hoping a tumor on his kidney will have shrunk in size so he won’t have to have surgery. What I have Noticed about 20 minutes after his first dose is: He came and stood directly in front of me and said:”I FEEL good”. I asked him where? He pointed to his back where his kidney is! He than LOOKED me STRAIGHT in the eye {which has rarely happened w/his Autism},WHEN he realized we were CONNECTING He had the biggest smile and I am so grateful for you Giving us that…Thank you for ALL you do!