My name is ….. and I am a physician. My daughter, ….. began having seizures at a very young age. At the beginning they would be absence seizures, or focal and localized, or generalized seizures. At the beginning they were very infrequent and mild. At one point in her treatment she was on five different medications including Three New and Very Expensive medications. With time the seizures became more frequent and intense. We were very desperate and looked into all possible modes of treatment. We even took her to UCLA for possible brain surgery. We were told by the team at UCLA that surgery would not be an option for her. We considered the probe they put in the neck. However, after fully investigating that probe in the neck, I considered that a bad option because it offers very little hope and it is permanent: that is, it could never be removed in the future. Finally, after being on so many very expensive and Toxic medications and the seizures were occurring almost on a daily basis and at times a few times a day and the seizures were very Intense. Almost two years ago a friend of ours told us that she knew someone who was using oil from the sativa plant to control her child’s seizures and that we should look into that. So we took …. to a pediatrician who could prescribe her such oil. We started ….. on Harlequin hybrid on 4 drops daily and increased the drops by 2 drops every three days or so I was also able to titrate her off of three medications slowly. Recently we have tried Royal Medic, AC/DC, Cannatonic, and Harlequin, but the one that works best for her is the Harlequin tincture at 13 drops twice a day. She has been on Harlequin drops at 13 drops twice a day for several months and not been able to take her off the other two seizures medicines that she is on, Keppra and Trileptal. If it weren’t for the Harlequin tincture ….. would be having severe seizures every day and most days several times in the day. I firmly believe that my daughter, ….. , had seizure activity all day almost every day even if it were mild. Since being on the Harlequin drops she only has one or two seizures every 7-10 days. The Harlequin tinctures have permitted …. to have a normal life the other days of the week. I pray that my daughter were seizure free, I would give my life for that to happen. In the meantime thank God for the Harlequin Tinctures, they have been a Godsend.