Mom T

I have been using a dropperful of ValentineX in the AM & Harlequin in the evening along with my son’s other meds to help him.His anxiety was so high that there were days he didn’t sleep at all. During the day he would be a bit shaky, restless and have clammy hands & feet. The [...]

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Beth S.

I’ve been telling my friends about how great your products work. It really helps me because it helps me take less opioids for my chronic pain. Thank you,

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I have a lot of knee pain along with my multiple sclerosis the salve helps tremendously.

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Grateful Mom

Thank you so much Judith. I’m learning which tinctures have the best effects and outcomes for my son. I am so grateful for them! His teacher commented this week that he’s becoming more engaged with his classmates and it just made me so happy and more encouraged to maybe try different techniques for his learning [...]

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I received the AC/DC and the Night. The ACDC is really good! I think it’s better than the Charlotte’s Webb stuff I’ve been using and it feels like I don’t have to use as much either. I’ll keep you posted but I really like it so far! Thanks again!!

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It’s remarkable how your oils have such a tangible, but somehow elusive effect. I can’t quite put my finger on it: I just feel better, more well adjusted, and resilient. It’s helped my brother so much with his anxiety and appetite, and he says his nightmares have been much less intense. I also shared some [...]

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Dr. W.M.

My wife and I have helped ourselves out of pinched nerves, muscle spasms, and insomnia for years with your drops. We have a medical clinic with a large number of pain management patients.  We have started using CBD to treat their pain, and one of our patients brought in a bottle of one of your [...]

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I LOVE your product! And I will spread the word about your product! I already do!! DUTCH FARMS is the ONLY product for me!! Thanks again,

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My wife has a severe injury and has been using valentine x for 3 years now. She loves your product. Thank you

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Hello! I received the tincture on Tues. I had just come back from walking to and from the grocery store. I haven’t had a car in 3 years. My back had me in tears. Couldn’t hold up core and had tears in my eyes my daughter helped me the rest of the way. Like a [...]

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